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Tips for Camping at Music Festivals

Music festivals offer the perfect setting to be exposed to different genres of music. It is a fine opportunity for one to listen to several bands, meet a bunch of your favorite artist and have days full of fun and party. The experience is extraordinary, exhilarating and magnificent. Unfortunately, the festivals are not always fun and games and one has to adequately plan for the three or four days of long outdoor activities.

The festivals can sometimes result in exhaustion, lack of proper sleep, lack of decent meals and issues of getting too hot. Proper and adequate preparation for the experience prevents one from encountering several inconveniences which can end up ruining the experience. So festival goers, if you haven’t prepared for it yet, worry not for I have compiled for you of the tips to survive music festival¬†camping.

Tips for music festival camping
1. Early Arrival at the festival
Most of the camp sites open days earlier, so grab the chance and avoid crowds during the main arena. Utilize the time to pick the perfect place to set up your tents since most of the best areas disappear during traffic.

2. Choose the right tent.
When choosing a tent, you should consider who you want to share the tent with? Do you need a larger size to share with your friends? Always remember that the tent is your escape area so try making it as comfortable as possible. When not at the main stage, you are going to spend most of your time in it, so make it safe, dry and check it very well before leaving home. Check if it has all the tent poles and also check for the presence of any holes. Set it up and spray it with a hose to ensure it can endure all types of weather.

To purchase or rent a tent, just call any event tent rental supplier and there is a variety of tents tailor-made for your needs. Pop-up tents are perfect for those who can’t put up a tent to save their lives. You only unpack the tent, fling it toward the ground and there you go. If you want to hold after parties inside the tent, the party tent rental offers the best accessories for you.¬†If you’re looking for great tents at awesome prices, Find Me A Tent New York tent rentals are an excellent choice.

3. Choose the best camp area.
Pitch camp within the best areas and in the camping zones. Avoid toilets, busy walkways, and trees and ensure it is easy for you to find your campsite. You can set it up near other similar tents or at a certain landmarks for easier identification. You can also use balloons or a flag post to enable you to see your tent from a distance. Busy pathways are easy target for thieves and there would also be obviously a lot of noise.

4. Bring a lot of friends.
Remember what they say, “the more, the merrier’. More friends will enable easy navigation within the campsite and will also help with the setting up of the tents. You can be able to set your own mini-village by creating separate but safe tents. This will facilitate socialization within the campsite with ease and also more fun.

5. Plan for your sleep-time
With lots of activities all throughout the day, it goes without say that you will get exhausted and want to take some rest. Ensure your resting area is dry and comfortable. In this case, carry along a sleeping bag which will offer the safety and warmth you need. Also, carry some earplugs to prevent you from hearing loss due to the noise. Blindfolds will also help a great deal during those early mornings when you need to catch some shuteye.

6. Plan for the weather changes.
Bring along enough water and food just to inconveniences due to weather changes. Dress in layers, carry along your sunblock and carry a portable charger to make sure your phone is always charged.

Planning is key so keep all that in mind when preparing for your music festival camping trip. Remember, ‘failing to plan, is planning to fail’. The tips are here to optimize your fun and trip without the small hiccups throwing your off. Be ready, stay ready, camp like a pro and have fun at your next music festival camping experience!