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All there is to know about LED video screens

You have organized this great event. All your friends, your business acquaintances, relatives and church mates have all confirmed their attendance. You are feeling quite overwhelmed as the host but you have no idea on how to entertain them all. As if by sheer luck you stumble upon this article. In your heart you know that you have found the answer. This article takes you through the world of LED video screens; what they are, how they operate, their affordability and quality of their video and images, their rental chances and on how they are going to transform your event into a lifetime experience.

Led Display Video Screen

What are LED video screens?

LED is an abbreviation for Light Emitted Diodes. These diodes are arrayed as pixels for video and image display. An LED video screen is therefore a flat paneled display which uses these arrays to display video and images. Typically it’s just like the LCD screen with the only difference being that it uses LEDs while the LCD uses CCFL back lights. Basically an LED video screen is thinner and its brightness allows it to be used both outdoors and indoors mostly in billboards and signs.

Can LED screens be rented?

The answer is yes. But How?

Despite their large sizes the demand of LED video screens in events, shows, concerts, churches and in other outdoor activities has made it impossible to not rent these screens.

To clients, like you, buying these screens would seem not affordable and thoroughly unnecessary. After all what would be the need of these amazing large screens if you can only use them once and lock them in. Renting comes handy in such situations as it offers you the following advantages;

  1. Renting the screen out will help you choose the right size and configurations, shape, design and the pixel size of your screen without the fear of too much cost.
  2. A rented screen can be stacked anywhere and in a variety of methods as it befits your event and taken down after the end without having to alter anything.
  3. LED video screens produce high impacts and clear videos and images.

What about Jumbotrons?

A jumbotron video screen rental is a very large television screen that is meant to be accommodated in large venues such as sports stadiums. They are particularly used by large companies to hold events. An example of one would be the one used at Cowboys stadium in Texas by the owner of the famous Dallas cowboys Jerry Jones. Jumbotrons basically serve two main purposes;

  1. They enable everyone to watch events up-close that may seem maybe a bit far for the human eye to see clearly.
  2. They allow for instant replay. The first hand replays ensures that people have much greater fun and have a much better experience.

Jumbotrons are preferred to projectors as they require no unobstructed view for a perfect display.

What are mobile LED screens?

Mobile LED are a new way for companies and individuals to market as they easily capture the attention of audiences by broadcasting video feeds along roads, big towns or places where people are gathered. Basically they are big LED screens attached to mobile vans.

Hopefully all your questions in regard to LED video screens in Los Angeles have been answered. Have great event!